Atelier Stockman

Mannequins for the Stockman couture workshops have been handmade near Paris for 150 years. Made from papier-mâché made from recycled paper and covered with traditional unbleached cotton canvas and now available in organic cotton. Stockman mannequins have accompanied the evolution of morphologies for more than a century. Their manufacture requires 9 steps, 5 trades and 24 hours of drying. Thanks to this unique know-how transmitted from generation to generation, Stockman has always supplied sewing workshops all over the world through a constantly updated range.

Unless specifically requested, all our busts and trouser legs are sold with the traditional Stockman black metal tripod which allows work in perfect stability. Equipped with the wooden stick and the traditional black Stockman handle which, slightly unscrewed, allows the bust to turn on itself without moving it, they are height adjustable. Final symbol of Stockman quality, all our workshop busts are marked with the Stockman logo on the neck and references and size on the stomach.